The Perks of Living Abroad

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? To leave everything you once knew behind?

In this post I will share 5 reasons that convinced me when moving from Argentina to the US.

While reading keep in mind the order is not necessarily prioritized! This is the result of a brainstorming session with myself and I… And guess what? While doing it I found out they aren’t just thoughts… they are all truths!


Of course, this one applies if people in the place you are moving out to speak other than your natal language.

I was born and raised in Argentina, and I lived there for 20 years of my life. When I moved to the States, I went from speaking Spanish every single day to speaking English every single day. You can imagine how that helped me improve and control two languages at once!


Holidays such as Thanksgiving Day or Memorial Day were totally new to me when I first came to the US. It was fun getting immersed in new traditions and festivities, although with time that would mean my head would forget and get confused about my home country holidays.

If you are concerned about this, there is no need to worry about it! There’s nothing a good calendar can’t fix, trust me!

Thanksgiving 2016, Reno, Nevada.


If someone had told me in the past I would be living twenty minutes away from California, or three hours away from San Francisco, I would have found that so hard to believe!

My new country has opened up so many doors to places I considered only dreams in the past.

That is why I believe one of the most beautiful things about moving to another country includes all the new wonderful locations one will be able to go!

Taken from Pier 39 on our last trip to San Francisco.


Yes, because now besides having your well known meals and recipes, you will have the chance to try new plates, flavors, and eating schedule!

For example, I never thought I would be eating rice and bacon for breakfast. Or that dinnertime would be held by 4 pm at my house.

Making these changes will make your life more exciting and interesting! And let me tell you: locals love some foreign cuisine, it makes their life new and exciting as well.

Plus, you will be a pro at being a real foodie.

Empanadas Argentinas.


This might be one of the best outcomes if you consider yourself a social and outgoing person. Knowing you have friends in more than one side of the world will make all the difference in times of having fun, and times of needing a hand.

And who knows? You might end up marrying a foreigner like I did and your family circle will then expand beyond measure. And then your family reunions might end up being huge, with a lot of fun, stories, and diversity to enjoy!

Christmas 2018, Reno, Nevada.
My friend Veronica visiting from Argentina.

Angel Island

When visiting San Francisco, Alcatraz seems to be the main Island of tourists attraction. I was happy to find out this past Memorial Day weekend there are more islands one can visit, including, Angel Island.


The Blue Gold Fleet ferry will take you there. You can purchase tickets on Bay 41, in the San Francisco main island, or pre-buy them online. Reservations through my travel club can get you tickets for as cheap as $10. Be aware once you sign up to the club FOR FREE, the link will expire after 6 months.

Note: Make sure you know the ferry’s schedule. Once you miss the last ferry of the day, there is no going back! (At least until the following morning). Schedules vary according to the season.

The ferry is big enough for people with a good amount of bags, strollers, and even bikes. No extra charge will be added for the last ones.

Nyah on her way to Angel Island.

The ferry offers a top roof where people can sit and enjoy the upper view. It also counts with indoor bathrooms and a bar with drinks, snacks, and cocktail service.

The bar can be observed in the background.


Sign upon arrival and departure.

So, how big is the island?

The United States Census Bureau reported a land area of 3.107 km² (1.2 sq mi) and a population of 57 people as of the 2000 census.

The island offers two circuits which can be made through walks/hikes, or bicycle/shuttle rides. If you are planning on walking or hiking, remember to wear appropriate clothing, especially the right shoes.



Before going on with your plans, make a quick stop and learn more about the past and present of the island. This can help you understand why The island is a California Historical Landmark

Angel Island Visitor Center.


Angel Island is the second largest island in San Francisco Bay, being Alameda the first one.

It is believed until about ten thousand years ago, Angel Island was connected to the mainland; but it was cut off by the rise in sea levels due to the end of the last ice age. From there that you will be able to enjoy distant views of different cities.

View of The Golden Gate Bridge.
The region of Tiburon can be seen from the island.
Pacific view from an inner street on the island.


Nothing beats like a good beach day on an island!


This zone was known as China Cove. The station was predominantly used to inspect, disinfect, and detain Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian immigrants who sailed across the Pacific Ocean towards United States from 1910 to 1940.

A fire destroyed the administration building in 1940, and subsequent immigration processing took place in San Francisco. On November fifth of 1940, the last gathering of around 200 immigrants, including around 150 Chinese, were exchanged from Angel Island to brief quarters in San Francisco.


If you want to miss the last ferry that will take you to the main island, that is totally okay! Just make sure to pack up enough food, blankets, and beverages!


The island counts with a restaurant on site, but if you are feeling the ‘picnic style’ or camping vibe then enjoy the benches and tables available for free.


Let me know what you think of this small guide! Have you ever been to Angel Island? Has it ever been on your bucket list? If not, then I highly recommend it!



A guide to the Painted Ladies

You may ask, “why are these houses so famous?” The truth lies in the uniqueness of the architecture, built between the years 1892 and 1896. To add more, this block has appeared in an estimated 70 movies, TV programs, and ads, including in the opening credits of the television series Full House’ and its sequel Fuller House.’

If you are paying a visit to the beautiful city of San Francisco, then make sure to stop by and get a postcard of these beautiful Victorian homes. Here is how:

1. Location: Steiner St & Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States.

2. Best Time to Visit: This is a “free” view you can enjoy throughout the 24 hours of the day. Whether you are planning on driving to the place or not, best times to find empty parking spaces and a clean view are from 7 to 9 am.

3. How to get there: get ready for a good amount of available options!


– Line 21 bus

– Line 21 Bus via Market St & Front St

– Cable Car, line 21 bus

– Taxi (Expect to pay $18-$23 USD)

– Uber (Expect to pay $16-$19 USD)

– Walk

– Find a bike’s shop around the Piers and rent a bike.

– You can also use CAR HIRE to drive yourself if you don’t have a car already.

4. Things to do around: Relax and enjoy the view of the Painted Ladies from the Alamo Square Park, you can either sit down or go for a walk. Taking close up captures of the famous homes is also worthwhile doing but most importantly, remember these are someone’s house, so keep it clean and respectful.

5 Things To Do In Virginia City, Nevada.

E32D0CA8-6C8B-44FD-8F54-620172839943If you are ever in the Reno Nevada area, then you should stop by Virginia City. At only 40 minutes away from the Reno International Airport, this old mining town offers one of the best views. Here are five things you can do that will leave you speechless:

  1. The V&T Railway

Enjoy the incredible ride that will take you back in time. From the heart of the town to Carson City, get ready to delight your eyes. The station provides visitors with a shop where gifts and shirts can be bought. Tickets go from $35 (children) to $55 (adults).

2. St. Mary’s in the Mountains Catholic Church

Built in 1860 by Fr. Hugh Gallagher, its architecture is worth of appreciation. The fine details on the inside and outside will transport you almost two hundred years ago. No ticket purchase is required, and the Church offers a gift shop on its side where history of the building is also presented.

3. The Cemetery

Located at the top of a hill, the view and location will astonish you. It feels as if one is standing on haunted, yet beautiful land. As settlers began to accommodate in the valley, the need for a cemetery was obvious. The walk uphill is a few minutes long, and it will leave you tired enough when you reach the peak.

4. The Historic Fourth Ward School

One of the last schools of its kind, this historic school is today a Museum that offers daily tours. Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1966, this museum offers a connection between the past and the present, allowing local and visitors to understand the genealogy of its ancestors.

5. Go House Hunting

The beautiful and traditional cottages and mansions will take your breath away. Whether you decide to walk or do the circuit by car, make sure to have your camera or phone in handy. They will add great value to your visit and will leave you with desires to come back for more!



Travel Bucket List ✈️

I love this world 🌎! I love the beauty it presents and how it can fill your heart with so much excitement and joy ✨ we all have dreams, and we all have places to conquer.

Today, I want to share with you my TOP FIVE PLACES📍 yet to visit (in order of priority):

1 • Ireland 🇮🇪
When I think about this country, I think about my place in the world: green landscapes, the ocean, rainy weather, and beautiful architecture. I have always said that my dream is to run through one of Ireland’s fields listening to “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay! 😅.

2 • Japan 🇯🇵
Besides loving sushi, I love the culture itself. I find it super neat and organized. I was able to visit some Japanese areas in the US, and I absolutely loved them! The plants, building structure, and clothing are amazing.

3 • Italy 🇮🇹
As someone whose ancestors are Italian, this is a MUST for me. My name (Paola) and last maiden name (Ferrari) remind me where I truly “came from”. I am so thankful for my ancestors and everything they went through to ensure a wonderful and safe future for my family line. Besides, who doesn’t love the food, color, music, and simplicity of this country?

4 • Germany 🇩🇪
The major reason of why I want to visit this beautiful country is the fact that a couple of years ago I felt prompted to learn German. I started learning it on my own, and even though it is a challenge, I am grateful for those things that I can still remember 😜. I know it is still a mystery to me—but who knows? Maybe I’ll figure it out once I’m there 😉.

5 • Russia 🇷🇺
I’m in love with their BEAUTIFUL castles and design! Remember the movie Anastasia? It’s one of my faves! I would love to see the beautiful architecture on a cozy, snowy winter day ⛄️.

If you think alike or have been in any of these places, let me know in the comments section! I would love to learn more about you ✨